June 2022 - Pregnancy Support

The nutritional needs of a pregnant woman are critical for the ultimate health and development of her child. Not only is her nutrition important while pregnant, but this nutritional foundation will impact her child for many years after birth. For that reason, certain lifestyle and dietary changes are encouraged during pregnancy, such as avoiding caffeine, alcohol and prescription medications as much as possible. The adverse effects that are noted by the mother at this time are also noted by the developing baby and can have signi!cant negative effects. Pregnant women are also encouraged to refrain from using artificial sweeteners, which have been shown to cause neurological damage in the developing child. Drinking altered water and discontinuing makeup at this time will help to minimize the baby’s exposure to toxic heavy metals. Above all, a healthy diet of whole foods that excludes processed or “fast” foods is always a sound plan for the pregnant mother. There are many dietary and lifestyle changes that accompany pregnancy, but the changes just mentioned are critical for the healthy development of the child.
Most physicians recommend a prenatal vitamin for expectant mothers, one that contains a mix of essential vitamins and minerals such as: calcium, folic acid, zinc and vitamin D. We feature an excellent prenatal vitamin in our Prenatal Optimum product.t Iron levels are particularly critical during pregnancy. Low iron levels can affect the amount of oxygen available to the developing baby. If additional iron is necessary for the mother, our Iron 25 mg, which provides iron as an amino acid chelate and gluconate, is an excellent choicet. This product contains iron combined with amino acids, which serve to help improve the absorption of the iron and minimize gastric irritation. If gastric irritation is a problem during this time, ta nt in the middle of a meal will help to reduce the nausea that is sometimes experienced.
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