March 2022 - Anti-Aging

One of the most popular areas of medicine today is anti-aging medicine, or as it is often referred to, functional medicine. Anti-aging/functional medicine attempts to keep individuals healthy and functioning regardless of their age. Most of us want to live as long as we possibly can. However, do we want to add years to our life, or life to our years?

So how do we assess how well we are aging? Many researchers are looking at the length of our telomeres, the strands at the end of chromosomes, to correlate our chronological age with our biological age. Others are looking at our genetics and the role our genes play in our aging. Still others are looking at how well our bodies function metabolically, in such areas as methylation. In fact, methylation capability is becoming one of the most recognized approaches to measuring overall health. From the brain to the cardiovascular system, from detoxification capabilities to energy production, the accessibility of methyl donor groups is essential to health and preventing premature aging.

When starting any herb or vitamin always check with pharmacist for drug interactions.
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