May 2022 - Bone Health

It is estimated that worldwide 1 in 3 women and 1 in 12 men over the age of 50 suffer from the boneweakening disease known as osteoporosis. Osteoporosis occurs when there is an imbalance between bone reabsorption (bonebreakdown) and bone formation. Bone is a living tissue that undergoes constant transformation. At any given moment, there are between 1-10 million sites where small segments of old bone are being broken down (reabsorbed) and new bone is being laid down to replace it. When more bone is being destroyed than new bone is being laid down, bone loss occurs.
Prescription drug therapy may be appropriate for those individuals with advanced bone loss. But before starting potentially dangerous drug therapy, patients need to be educated on the role proper nutrition plays in ensuring optimal bone health. There are at least 18 key bone-building nutrients essential for bone health. These include vitamins D, E, C, B-12, K, folic acid, and minerals including boron, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc. By knowing the key nutrients for proper bone health, the majority of osteoporosis cases may be prevented. Good bone health is also dependent upon regular weight-bearing exercise, along with healthy habits such as not smoking, moderate alcohol and caffeine consumption, and minimal sugar consumption, especially sugared soft drinks.
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